Here are the basic requirements for homeschooling in Colorado (this is not legal advice; it remains your or your lawyer’s responsibility to interpret your state’s code concerning homeschooling):

  • Send letter of intent (see separate post on my blog for a sample) 14 days before you begin homeschooling.
  • Complete one letter for each child (not required but it helps avoid confusion).
  • You must do this every year that you homeschool.
  • Each child must take a standardized test every other year beginning with grade 3  (see separate post on the blog about testing).
  • The “teacher” must be a parent, guardian, or adult relative (you can’t homeschool your neighbor’s kids unless you are a certified teacher etc., see code).
  • In a 12 month calendar year (not 9 months), you must have 172 school days of about 4 hours per day.
  • Subjects taught must include reading, writing, speech, literature, math, history, civics, science, and the U.S. Constitution. (Note that content and timetable for these are not specified.)

The complete code and other actually helpful pages can be found here: Colorado Department of Education website.

For information on legalities in other states, click here for HSLDA’s site (this is not an endorsement of HSLDA) or here for Jon’s Homeschool Resources.