• The search function is a very good one. If you don’t find what you’re looking for under the categories or tags, try using any word or phrase you can remember in the search box (top of left hand column).
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  • Near the bottom of the left hand column on each screen, you’ll see “About Babette, Homeschooling, and More.” There you can find listings for permanent pages. They are also listed at the top under Sunglass Gal.
  • All podcasts are free for download. They are in MP3 format. From The Passionate Librarian’s podcast page on gcast, make sure you click the green play button to start the podcast you want. If you click the blue title button, you’ll wind up at a pod music website (a nice enough place but not where you’re trying to get to!).
  • To make Comments, look under the article’s headline. You’ll see Categories and Tags listed, and then the last thing, “No Comments (Edit).” Just click there. It stays in the “No Comment” format until the first comment is posted. Goofy, I know, but that’s WordPress, not me.
  • You can sub through RSS, the little orange button at the top. There a couple posts already explaining how. šŸ™‚ The nice thing about RSS is that it will let you know when there is something new on the blog; it saves you the time of checking!
  • Links to other websites (including podcasts) are in red. Book titles are in purple. I’ll try to use colors consistently.