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This one is long and without a visual the kids usually won’t sit still for it. I don’t have a flannel board so I printed off 8 reindeer pictures, about 2×3 inches, and one picture of Santa and sleigh with all the reindeer.

I lightly stick the pictures on the back of a wipe off board with double-sided tape. Then as I mention each reindeer, I pull it off the back and place it on the front where the kids can see it. It’s just enough to keep their attention and doesn’t take a lot of prep time.

This rhyme is an easy way for kids to begin to get a sense of ordinal numbers (first, second, third, etc.).

Eight little reindeer beside Santa’s sleigh,

Getting hitched up to be on their way.

The first one said, “We can’t be late.”

The second one said, “Christmas won’t wait.”

The third one said, “The sleigh’s full of toys…”

The fourth one said, “For all the girls and boys.”

The fifth one said, “I’m ready to fly…”

The sixth one said, “Across the evening sky.”

The seventh one said, “Look, it’s starting to snow.”

The eighth one said, “I think it’s time to go.”

“Ready?” asked Santa. “It’s almost Christmas Day.”

And off they flew–up, up and away! (Stick the sleigh picture up).