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Little Mousie

Here’s a little mousie (cup hands together and stick a thumb out)

Peeking through a hole (wave thumb around)

Peek to the left.

Peek to the right.

Pull your head back in (pull thumb in)

There’s a cat in sight! (meow)

There was a little mouse

There was a little mouse (walk two fingers in child’s palm)

And she had a little house (cup hands together)

And she lived (walk fingers up child’s arm and drag words out with suspense)

Up here! (touch child on ear lobe, top of head, or nose with surprise)

As high as a house

As high as a house (reach and stretch up high)

As small as a mouse (crouch down)

As wide as a barn (place feet apart, and stretch arms sideways)

As thin as a pin (stand tall with arms at side)