Storybox Special

Box 7


Dv                    Mean soup by Everitt

Dv                    Splat the cat by Scotton

Dv                    Taking a bath with the dog by Menchin

Dv                    White on black by Hoban

Dv, PA Llama, llama red pajama by Dewdney

LK                   26 letter and 99 cents by Hoban

LK                   Mouse shapes by Walsh

NS                   Are you my mother by Eastman

NS                   Duck on a bike by Shannon

NS                   Gum chewing rattler by Hayes

NS, PM           When a monster is born by Taylor

PA                   Rain by Stojic

PhA                 Bark George by Feiffer

PhA                 Bubble Trouble by Mahy

PhA                 Top cat by Ehlert

PhA                 Wheels on the race car by Zane

PhA                 Yum, yum! What fun! By Bergman

PM                  Trains by Barton

S, PhA             It’s spring by Berger

Sp                    Wiggling pockets by Mora

T                      Playing to learn by Seefeldt

V                     Baby talk: a book of first words and phrases by Hindley

V                     I howl, I growl by Vaughan

PM Print Motivation

V Vocabulary

PA Print Awareness

NS Narrative Skills

LK Letter Knowledge

PhA Phonological Awareness


Sp Bilingual Spanish & English

Dv Developmental Task

S Seasonal

T Teacher Resource