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I’m on the run today so I may not get a chance to post.

Here’s 3 minutes of extreme cuteness to tide you over though: NPR dad interviews daughters about “the haircut.”

Give it a bit; they get easier to understand and cuter by the seconds! And if you listen a second time, it’s even better.

Really, this one will make you smile all day,



This video is mostly for adults (nothing objectionable for kids but the youngest won’t “get it”) and I post it because it’s really well done! (It reminds me of a Pixar short.) And it will give you a smile today.

I, for one, will never look at socks and jeans the same again!


You know it’s going to happen. Sometime over the holidays, when you just can’t do, play, or eat anymore, someone’s going to sit down with their laptop and start playing videos.

I know it happens at our house. And we do have a good time with it. And believe it or not, it can be good family time between generations and even good literacy building time.

How, when there is no reading going on? Family building and literacy building can both happen if the viewings spur conversation.

So here are a few that are fun, intergenerational, and sure to get everyone talking.

Laurel and Hardy Meet Santana: Oh my, how this made me laugh! What a generational mash-up!

Around the Corner: Motorcycle acrobatists and differential gears? What? Just watch it; honest, it’s worth the minutes.

Why the Other Line Moves Faster: If you’ve found yourself stuck in impossible lines this season, this will throw a whole ‘nother light on it. (I make no promises that it will make the experience better though.)

Star Wars vs. Star Trek: On oldie but a goodie.

Twelve Days of Christmas/Africa: My favorite holiday or anytime group and one of my favorites of their songs. This is the original 1998 version.

Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, may your holidays be blessed! See you in the new year!


You may have already seen this–I hadn’t, though, and I think it is so clever. Thanks to Betsy Bird for posting it on Fuse #8.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar goes to dinner, click here.

Pretty good, huh? ๐Ÿ™‚


from the Richmond Times-Dispatch,ย  Preschool is Good Investment: 18% return on investment; that’s better than the stock market!

for fun, the Bookulating Suggest-O-Meter: The Bookulator did not work well for me but the intro is well worth a watch!

from Miller-McCune, Advantages of Home Libraries: Another reason to make sure all kids have access to and own their own books!

from NY Times, Pervasiveness of Choking Hazards: Even if you’re a “good parent” and think you know about little ones and choking, read this.

Be thoughtful!


It’s three minutes. It’s pretty funny. Your kids will love it. Preview to judge whether to show to you “the boys” (of whatever age) in your life. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Click here.

(Now aren’t you glad it’s not the week after Christmas right now?)


My kind of prank! ๐Ÿ™‚ Go NYPL! I can’t say too much or I’ll spoil your fun!ย  Click here.

It’s been quite a while since I foundย  a really enjoyable, clever video (at least one that I could post here :-)). Pixels Take Over NYC qualifies.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy this one–but are you old enough to identify all the game references?



Here’s the definitive list for online, techie April Fools pranks.

I just busted a gut watching how to make your own iPad–for only $49.99! ๐Ÿ™‚ (See “Crunch Pad Kit.”)
This could turn into a biiiiiig time waster but I oh so love clever!

Happy April Fools Day!


Yeah, you read that right. Watch and listen to these cartoon bunnies reenact Harry Potter 1-5 in just 30 seconds! Pretty fun; click here for Harry Potter and many more choices at

Have fun!


Ah, me, reminds me of some preschool ballet classes I’ve watched.

Click here for 45 seconds of fun, compliments of Ross Butter who says, “I got in touch with my inner child. He made me do this.” Yeah, inner child!



I love the Onion! If you are not familiar with the Onion, they are spoof and parody par excellence! Most of their “productions,” however, I would not let children watch without previewing first. This one is “safe” although young children won’t “get it,” and elementary kids might think it’s “real” (so now you can talk about what a parody is).

So this one is for you! It’s your laugh for the day! But Beverage Hazard Alert: Put it down while viewing. (You’ve been warned!)

Click here to view.

(And this video nails why I am teaching about what makes a good story in my class for children’s librarians. :-))

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