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Oh my, you may get tired of hearing me sing the same tune. It is in a different key today, though. 🙂

It delights me to no end when I hear the same message coming from different directions and different voices. A few weeks ago I posted about the interactive nature of developing language and the importance of babbling in all its stages.

In the last week I’ve come across two more supporting voices.

First, Deb McNelis at Early Childhood Brain Insights shares the importance of a child being exposed to a large number of words or vocabulary. And then she reminds us that these words must come from a “live” human in order for them “to work” in the child’s developing brain. Merely hearing them from a “screen” (TV, computer, iPad, etc.) doesn’t help and it does hurt.

Second, two pediatricians interviewed in the NYT for their new baby care book offer a fabulous quote: “We’re trying to help people understand the basis of language development in really young children. The data are so impressive. If only we could take a functional M.R.I. and make people understand how it translates into reading “Goodnight Moon” to your child. Read books to babies. Talk to them (bold and italics mine).”

It’s simple. It’s important. It works. Read to your children. Get the word out to others. Change a life; read to a child.



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